Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Opening the Door to Color

Natashia gives Petro a back scratch in return for a swig of beer.

...And the people said "let there be color" and there was color...
...So my ascetic vow to B&W is now gone out the window, as you can see.
A whole giant slew of complications lays ahead because of this, but the color fiend in me has been awakened and there is no going back!

The "green-spill" (green reflections) from our makeshift green screens is no longer a harmless gray. It's like a green slime that infests every single images and requires sisyphean nitpicky work to get rid of.
Certain garments and objects which were selected for production for their lovely texture in B&W are actually of hideous irrelevant hues. take for instance Nanna's dress...
The peachy orange was a perfect mid-tone gray, setting off Nanna's white skin perfectly. In color it's almost the same color as her skin!
In the image below you can see an attempt at the left side of the dress, right under her hair, to change the dress color to a yellowish green.
So often obstacles become opportunities for invention, and in this case, the idea to allow Nanna's dress to change colors with her moods was born. I can't wait to see her in black, burgundy and turquoise!

Nanna during dinner preparations. (I stalked these particular metal, pink kitchen pieces on e-bay for 6 months until they dropped to a price I could afford. I love love love them.)

Below are a few tests of the outdoors areas:

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Anonymous said...

Mesmerizing... I feel like there should be a "the making of" short documentary.

I can look into the copyright issue. I don't think there is a problem if you make a miniature of a real set... But yes, using the actual image may raise some issues. Have you thought about just giving them a call and seeing if they're willing to grant permission?

Xox Catinca