Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Another Day in a Post Apocalyptic Household

Image: Lelo Lourenzo

Image: Kimberly Boldrini

Yesterday was an ambitious shoot. Lots of aspects of the home life.
Still struggling with lights/actor/camera positioning.
Anna and Tom gave it their all and set a standard for Nanna and Petro's passionate, larger than life relationship.

Anna had her makeup half off when Stephanie promptly reminded us that we forgot to shoot an entire scene... OK, I'm sure this happens to the best... Doesn't it?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Stephanie Dances Her Way Through the Makeup Scene

Image: Lelo Lourenzo

Last night we had a short shoot with Stephanie to catch up to schedule.
It was Natashia's makeup scene. on the set were Kim, Lelo (cameras) Amanda (makeup) Alex (lighting and props) and myself.
It was short and sweet and we should have lots more of these mini-shoots. It takes some stress off Sundays and the intimacy allows for some pretty special stuff to happen.

Alex & Jen: A Perpetual Source of Light and Tech- Solutions on the Fly

Image: Kimberly Boldrini

Jen holds the torch during a bathroom scene with Stephanie.
Perhaps because she is a terrific photographer in her own right, Jen has been able to keep our moving actors beautifully lit at all times.

Image: Kimberly Boldrini

Alex takes low-tech green screen solutions to the extreme.
How do you keep a blow-dryer on the leading lady's hair without being captured by the camera?
Turn yourself into a moving green tent!
Oh, and the rusted and aged props in the foreground are the result of her skillful work as well.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom Lights Up on Second Shoot Day

Image: Kimberly Boldrini

Tom was suspiciously agile at rolling a "joint" out of an unyielding piece of corn husk and a very dry tobacco/epazote mix...

This is the first image to be posted from the work of our new photographer, Kimberly Boldrini, who came on board only 4 days before the first shoot and joined Lelo to create a very effective, fast moving and thorough "shooting machine". (Ok, so we're still all bumping into each other on the set but by the end of it I'm sure it will be a ballet to behold...)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Shoot!

Image by Aurelio Lourenzo

Anna, Cat and Toby doing some family bonding at the end of a take.
One scene in the can and 20 more to go...