Monday, May 2, 2011

And So it Was...

Alexandra Ceribelli (Isness' prop-master) and myself showing off the trailer. Notice the sample miniature at bottom left. Brought it in as an attraction. Only problem was the demographic it attracted: females 8 and younger!

So glad I made the push to finish the trailer for MoCCA!
There's nothing like that river of comics lovers drifting by your work and commenting freely to give you a reality check!
Although a good deal of trailer copies were sold, ISNESS remains rather elusive to the average viewer.

Most comics connoisseurs regard photo-comics as a lesser form because the handcrafted process is bypassed with a click the camera. The signature style, so coveted in this art form seems to be absent.

They say:
"Why not draw"?

From the other art millieu this work flirts with, filmmakers, I often hear:
"So why not just make a movie, then"?

It will certainly be a challenge to get this work to speak it's own singular language clearly enough as to cast these questions moot.

Another point that came through loud and clear was people's desire for color. So consisted was this comment that I am now reconsidering my earlier commitment to absolute B&W...
The added technical complication this will introduce is daunting... yet the pleasure of departing from an austere palate and dabbling once again in color is, I must confess, tempting...

I was lucky to sit two tables away from Seth Kushner, the multi-talented photographer and comics artist who's currently producing "Culture Pop" a photographed documentary comic series about some of New York's most fascinating characters. He offered some insights and we exchanged work (Work exchanges between artists is one of MoCCA's sweet little side benefits. I also exchanged with Nick Moore for two super-cool T-shirts with an image so wonderfully morbid, the recipients, my kids, refused to wear them, alas...)

I'll be posting the full trailer here soon and your comments will be most welcome. Until I figure out how to do that, here's one of my favorite frames from it:
Although the kitchen maquette was hardly finished when I shot it, this composite demonstrates well how the miniature and life size will co-exist.