Monday, April 19, 2010

Back on Track!

It was a very efficient shoot yesterday and a wonderful send off to the 2nd and last portion of the production.
Anna and Tom got to do most of their acting lying down (we heard no complaints there!) and Jen got to man two "light-sticks" simultaneously (Is there an industry name for a bulb on the end of a broomstick?) and tolerate the obvious arm-pain with stoic resilience.
Some may have taken away from this shoot a certain disturbing ending of the baby, incidentally made out of dough, and involving our beautiful canine starlet...
But I prefer to linger on other more benign sights such as Tom in Petro's sexy underwear dirtied so well by Alex, or Stephanie stuffing 3 joints into her mouth as the drunk Natashia...

Image: Lelo Lourenzo
Once cast, Zoola threw herself into the role of "Dog" with the passion of a true star.

Image: Lelo Lourenzo