Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrating the Midpoint of Production With a Fine Dinner

Image by Lelo Laurenzo

The wine flowed and so did blood, tears and goulash.
We shot fast fast, I'm amazed that Lelo and Kim were able to catch what they did.
The sheer incompatibility of the family members in the story really surfaces in this scene.
The dinner marks the turning point from mere post-apocalyptic dysfunction to downright Greek tragedy.
The amazing roast-pig is the creation of the talented Hiroe Gotto who spent most of the previous night giving it the finishing touches.
The bridal makeup and hair on Stephanie DeLatour were done by Amanda Ryan and it was Mia Bauman who had the pleasure of messing up James Allerdyce yet again.
On the right is Catriona Rubenis-Stevens who gave a stellar performance as Lil'.